A DIY Patio Cooler Ice Chest: Charming and Cool at the Same Time!

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Tony Maples Photography


With over a million views, a DIY patio cooler ice chest video on YouTube is wracking up the numbers as people look for ways to enjoy their home spaces a little more during the coronavirus pandemic. Here in Texas, backyard barbecues and patio gatherings have dialed back their numbers in terms of guest counts while COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the state. However, with a small family or a few friends, you can still enjoy a few cold ones and a great meal with this ice chest at the center of your conversation.

The DIY PETE YouTube channel tries to help and inspire its fellow do-it-yourselfers with detailed video tutorials covering a variety of projects, made from metal, wood, and concrete. The DIY patio cooler ice chest is a great project to keep your drinks or food cool in your backyard in style. Made from cedar, it’s not only durable but looks good. The steps begin with the cutting and assembling of the legs. The site provides all of the supplies and tools needed to create the cooler ice chest, and also makes note of all the dimensions required.

Video: YouTube/DIY Pete

For this particular project, the YouTube channel has made the patio cooler ice chest to fit a 52-quart Igloo Contour Cooler. This would be enough to hold plenty of beverages, meal prep, or desserts for a great small gathering at home. Based out of Bozeman, Montana, the DIY PETE YouTube channel has posted a weekly tutorial for its variety of projects which are uploaded on Thursdays. A sliding interior barn door, concrete countertops, and a farmhouse table are three of the projects which have been viewed millions of times!

In the summer heat here in Texas, this cooler project can go a long way toward keeping things chilled at home and having the pride in constructing a rugged yet good-looking chest to keep a standard mainstream cooler inside of (which also makes it easy to drain when the time comes). A cedar patio cooler ice chest also makes a unique addition to your yard furnishings, which neighbors and friends will most likely ask you about. Before you know it, you may even be making additional ones for special orders! Whatever you do, don’t forget to put your feet up and relax, which enjoying something cool and refreshing from your DIY project.