Easy & Effective Ways to Help Your Dogs Keep Cool in the Heat

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With the summer season fast approaching, the Texas heat is kicking up a notch and those with dogs are making plans for helping them to keep cool. Whether you are a stay-at-home pet parent or you’re forced to leave the house and leave your animals home alone, there are some quick and convenient ways to help your dogs keep cool in high temperatures.

Sharing tips in a video aptly entitled “How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer, TOP 10 TIPS,” the Louie The Beagle YouTube channel has some ideas that won’t break the bank and will help your canine cool down. The video lasts just over five minutes, and it could be worth its weight in gold for ensuring the health and safety of your favorite four-legged friend.

Video: YouTube/Louie the Beagle

From basic use of a fan for indoor dogs to cooling mats and frozen treats, the video above from the Louie The Beagle YouTube channel lends you a pet owner’s perspective on some unique and yet simple ways to help your dogs keep cool when it’s hot here in Texas. There’s even a doggie pool featured which, although the beagles in the video weren’t keeners, your dog may fall in love with! Wet towels are also recommended and, likewise, going swimming! We have some favorite swimming holes of our own around here that we like to head to after work. For our dogs, it’s just a matter of checking in advance to determine pet policies and whether they’re able to make the trip with us (in an air-conditioned vehicle, of course).

The average late-spring and summer temperatures in the state of Texas can climb to digits that make humans uncomfortable. So, imagine how our dogs feel. Helping dogs keep cool in the heat improves their quality of life and helps to maintain good health. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or require special tools or toys from a pet store. You can do many of these things at home with items you may already have on hand.