8 Businesses You May Not Know Are Texan

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Do we really need another reason to love the greatest state ever? There’s a certain pride that residents take in simply being part of the Lone Star state. We love our sports teams. We love our bluebonnets. We love our colleges. We love our state! Here’s another chance to find affection for the 28th state to join the Union. These eight nationally and globally-known companies are TEXAS based businesses.



Saddleback Leather is a Texas brand that makes quality leather goods that come with a 100 year warranty.  Did you hear that?  100 years.  Doubtful any of us would be around to cash in on that should our item need it.  But, if we are, Saddleback is a company that will take care of us! (They also have a sister company Love 41 and 100% of the profits from those sales go to mission work in Rwanda through Africa New Life Ministries. Those all come with a 41 year warranty.) While most of the manufacturing is done in Mexico, they are making some at a new factory in Fort Worth.

Best maid

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Can you imagine Texas barbecue without pickles? No way, no thank you! Most Texans would agree, Texas barbecue is better with pickles. Best Maid Pickles is a Texas company that originated out of necessity.  After making her home-made mayo, Mildred Dalton wanted to compliment it by making a sandwich spread that required relish.  The suppliers raised their prices and so she and her husband Jessie planted their own pickle patch. That was back in 1926 in Mansfield, TX, and they have been making pickle history ever since.



Opened since 1980, Whole Foods is an Austin original — an American supermarket chain that specializes in organic food. Since those early years, they have expanded over two continents with over 430 stores. Not only has Whole Foods won awards on social responsibility, they have also been included in Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

Imperial Sugar
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If you’ve ever heard of Sugarland, you may wonder how it got its name. The Imperial Sugar Company had a large plantation where the cane sugar was grown. The plantation’s former name was Sugar Land Plantation.  ISC has been around since 1840, when one of the founders became secretary to Stephen F. Austin and was granted land as partial payment for raising money for the war. Later, the company’s owner had a long-time affection for the Imperial Hotel in New York City, which he visited in his youth, and so the company changed its name. The city’s logo even has the ISC crown featured in it.

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