Fireball Pink Lemonade is the Spring Cocktail Texas Was Waiting For

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Fireball cinnamon whiskey is a fun and delicious drink that’s found its way into our hearts and almost every food and cocktail recipe we can imagine. Here in Texas, we love our whiskey. Adding a cinnamon flavor to it was practically a no-brainer. But aside from drinking it on its own, on the rocks, there are some great cocktail ideas you can concoct with this stuff, and you’re going to love this one. Your spring and summer hangouts will be brought to a level you never thought possible when you serve Fireball Pink Lemonade.

The pairing of cinnamon whiskey and the sweet-tart sensation of lemonade is genius! And thanks to the good people at Delish, we can make our own Fireball Pink Lemonade to share with family and friends. With over 19 million fans on their Facebook page alone, Delish shares its love for all things food and drink-related, including recipes, informational videos, and foodie news sensations. This unique concoction for your warm-weather-sipping satisfaction is available on their site and shared in a link called “31 Spiked Lemonades You Need To Make This Summer.”


Fireball Pink Lemonade is the Spring Cocktail Texas Was Waiting For

Key ingredients for this drink include:

Fireball cinnamon whiskey

Pink lemonade

There’s a little bit of grenadine included in this recipe which offsets the Fireball nicely, making this lemonade drink the party pleaser you expect it to be. The full ingredient list, measurements, and the serving size are available on the Delish website at the link available here. Remember: this isn’t your grandma’s recipe. Drinking this on a hot spring or summer day can lead to copious amounts of laughter, too much fun, and maybe the spilling of… secrets (you didn’t really think we’d spill our drinks, did you?). The only thing that would make this Fireball Pink Lemonade taste any better was if it was served in a mason jar. Drink up friends—warmer weather is officially here and we couldn’t be happier. It’s time to toast to the season with a drink that warms your insides just a little bit too! Cheers!