H-E-B Rodeo Dish Soap Line is Out, and Now We’re All About the Suds

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H-E-B has recently released a dish soap line inspired by scents and experiences at a Texas rodeo, and there’s a strong possibility they’re going to fly off the shelves! Not only can you reminisce while cleaning, but every time you head to the sink, you’ll remember a part of your favorite pastime.

Texas and rodeos go together like moms and apple pies. San Antonio’s event wrapped up in February, the Houston Rodeo continues through March 30, and the Austin Rodeo is just getting underway. While families are purchasing tickets and getting together for the familiar events, sights, and sounds of these wildly popular events, H-E-B is going to capitalize on the great feelings that are generated from the smells of the very same, through this line of dish soap.

H-E-B Rodeo Dish Soap Line is Out, and Now We’re All About the Suds

Photo: Facebook/Wendi Aarons

“Texas Rodeo,” “Texas Rodeo Funnel Cake,” and “Texas Rodeo Snowcone” are the three scents for these inspired suds. They’re being sold in the colors blue, yellow, and teal, respectively. The word from an H-E-B representative is: “Our H-E-B soap team is trying to make washing dishes fun! We want our customers to be excited about the next Limited Edition Dish Soaps and we want the fragrances and experience to be all about Texas. We looked all across Texas for events that are truly Texas.” Word has it that the main “Texas Rodeo” scent is meant to be like that of leather. The food-related scents will definitely make you reminisce about baked goods or sweet treats.

H-E-B Rodeo Dish Soap Line is Out, and Now We’re All About the Suds

Photo: Flickr/Your Best Digs

Whether or not you wish to be reminded of such great times while doing the dishes is really your call. Tedious work doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. You can daydream while looking out your kitchen window, thinking of all the great rodeo moments you’ve been witness to and the fantastic food you still look forward to, while you scrub away your cares at $1.97 per bottle. We’re unsure as to whether your hands will carry the scent for some time following scrubbing, but maybe the next few product lines will see H-E-B coming out with body wash, shampoo, and room and car fresheners in the same scents!