Hot S’mores Shooters Deserve to be Tried This Fall!

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Some of us wait all winter and spring for the right time to bust out the ingredients for s’mores and make these bad boys over an open fire. But, here in Texas, we’re blessed to have some beautiful weather well into the seasons that other states often seem to suffer through! Not only that, but we’re a creative bunch of creatures, who often find ways to make the things we love in sometimes unconventional processes. That’s why we know you’ll love Hot S’mores Shooters.

These little numbers will knock your socks off when you’re not looking. Maybe that’s why we took a shine to them. Shared on the Tipsy Bartender site, they’re the adult way to enjoy the same great taste sensations of s’mores with the added bonus of alcohol that’s truly a chocolate lover’s dream. Making use of Irish cream as well as a dark chocolate liqueur (and hello…we all know dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you), these shooters are the perfect blend of fun, great taste, and favorites from our past. The fun we had making s’mores as kids while we enjoyed a backyard fire or a trip to a campground, the great taste of the graham cracker on the rim of the shooter, mixed with the marshmallow-y goodness, and the drink that finishes off with a unique sensation only a shooter can supply… well, it all makes for a unique adult treat.

Hot S’mores Shooters

Hot S’mores Shooters Deserve to be Tried This Fall!


Key ingredients for these shooters include:

Irish Cream

Whipped Cream Vodka

Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Half and Half


The video as well as the step-by-step instructions for the preparation of Hot S’mores Shooters is available on the Tipsy Bartender site at the link available here. The rimming process will require you to make or have crumbs available from graham crackers. However, that’s not a difficult component of this unique shot, and it adds a part of the flavor mix that you’ll remember from your younger days. The base of the shot glass is also lined with warmed chocolate syrup… which, honestly, just the thought of will make your mouth water! Combined all together, these shooters are the perfect way to either kick-off or finish a night with your friends or family at home, in the backyard, or at the campground!