The Jalisco Express Cocktail Tempts the Tequila Lover in Us All

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Aside from the fact that George Strait markets Codigo, and you think it’s absolutely awesome, what else can you do with this tequila? Some of you might not have the taste buds for it “…straight up or on the rocks, dressed up or not…” and you’re probably curious as to what the big deal is. A little number called the Jalisco Express is here to answer that question. A summer tequila cocktail you won’t be able to put down, this drink is on the sweeter side and works great as an after dinner drink, or dessert pairing.

“Jalisco,” of course, refers to a state in the southwestern part of Mexico, famous for its tequila. We say “of course,” because those who are avid fans of Strait’s catching “Codigo” country music tune would know that already, since he explains that in his lyrics. The cocktail is simple, yet impressionable. It allows for the type of service of a drink which those of a more feminine persuasion might appreciate. It’s perfect for a summer celebration, a barbecue (because what else would we be doing in Texas?!), or simply a back porch sipper on a sultry night. Served in a lowball glass with a bit of a garnish, you’ve got yourself a classic cocktail that few are aware of and even less know how to make, but you’ll have the goods on it after reading below!


The Jalisco Express Cocktail Temps the Tequila Lover in Us All


Key ingredients for this drink include:

Tequila (Codigo would be nice… but whatever suits your fancy)

Lime juice

Agave syrup



Basil leaves


Shared on the Town and Country website, the recipe for the Jalisco Express tequila cocktail is relatively easy to follow. The full ingredient listing, amounts, and preparation steps are shared on the site, and the end product is a real thirst-quencher. The basil, jalapeno, cucumber, and agave syrup are muddled in a shaker prior to incorporating the drink’s integral ingredients. The tequila taste can’t be mistaken in this beverage, but then, that’s the flavor and experience you’re going for. To want to try tequila but have a fear that an entire bottle will be too costly for a sip is something that’s crossed everyone’s minds at one point or another. This drink will do well to quench your thirst, allow you to sample some of that delicious tequila Strait sings about, and pairs nicely with pecan pie! How much more Texan can you get?!