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Lone DFW James Beard Award Nominee Elevates Food to a Level of Love

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We here in Texas love good food. We Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Pin, and talk food, on a daily basis, aside from generally sharing a passion for it with friends and family. And, although we’re known for producing epic sportsmen who go on to win the likes of Super Bowl MVP, we rarely celebrate such equally great achievements in culinary competition, such as the James Beard Award. Who is our champion in the semifinalist round, you might ask? The dark horse, of sorts, is Revolver Taco Lounge of Dallas-Fort Worth fame, located in Deep Ellum.

Focusing on food perfection and presentation, the James Beard Award recently announced semi-finalists for which Revolver Taco Lounge, the lone Dallas-Fort Worth nominee, was selected. A unique choice, Regino Roja, owner and chef of the qualifier was quoted saying, “It’s fantastic for Mexican food in general in Dallas. I have to represent.”

Their concept is authentic Mexican cuisine with the front of the house serving tacos in addition to street food which has been elevated to a level that foodies love. And, for those that were unaware, there’s also a back room named “Purepecha” which is, in effect, a chef’s tasting room, seating only 14 people for an eight-course meal prepared by Rojas.

Lone DFW James Beard Award Nominee Elevates Food to a Level of Love

Photo: Facebook/Unofficial: revolver taco lounge Dallas

Rojas, who cooks alongside Juana, his mother, explained that food and cooking have always been a part of their culture, and so it’s practically second-nature to him. “She sends me to the store like every six hours,” he laughed. “It’s just like home in Mexico.” His sister and aunt also assist in the kitchen, helping to produce a menu for Revolver Taco Lounge which is out-of-the-box as far as what those of James Beard Award recipients are considered to consist of. It’s neither pretentious nor fancy. And, Rojas cooks from feeling saying, “If that dish looks fancy and everything, and it doesn’t hit your heart, it’s nothing but a nice looking dish. So everything is the love you put into it.” A semifinalist in a regional category, Rojas elevates food to a level of love and is being watched for the finalist category which will be announced on March 14.