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Kerrville Police Keep Eyes On Catalytic Converters

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Citizens of Kerrville were on alert recently after the Kerrville Police Department responded between the dates of January 3rd and 18th to multiple reported thefts and attempted thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles. The locations of these incidents were all inside the city limits and ranged from private driveways to commercial parking lots. Types of vehicles was a range. Pickups, smaller SUVs, and delivery trucks, known as box and panel trucks were affected. KPD Criminal Investigations Unit is currently investigating these thefts.

A similar issue occurred in Kerrville this past May, when multiple motor homes and RVs were found to be missing catalytic converters. According to police reports, on May 11, 2020, a self-storage facility in the 400 block of Thompson Drive identified several residential and recreational vehicles missing the necessary catalytic converters.

Not much of a car person? An essential part of a vehicle’s exhaust system, catalytic converters transform toxic chemicals produced by automobiles into relatively harmless gasses before emission into the atmosphere. Typically located in the center of the undercarriage, SUVs and trucks are common theft targets due to high clearance which makes for easier access. With the right tools, which can be easily obtained, removal of a catalytic converter can take less than two minutes.

Kerrville Police Report Thefts of Catalytic Converters

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Catalytic converters are desirable as they contain precious metals such as platinum. Sale to scrap yards and recycling centers can turn a nice payout. However, for the vehicle owner, replacement costs can add up to $4,000, dependent on various factors. To know if you have been a target, go out to your vehicle and listen for a loud rumbling or roaring sound when the engine is turned on; the sound will get louder as the gas pedal is depressed. If tampering is suspected, go to a mechanic immediately. For more information, read the posting of the Kerrville Police Department here.