Feel Like a King of the Road: Drive the 2019 Ford F-150 4X2 Supercrew

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Tony Maples Photography


If you want to feel like royalty, try driving down the road in a Ruby Red, metallic-tinted 2019 F-150 4X2 Supercrew like I did a few weeks ago. When you are looking down on everyone you pass from the height of your cabin, it’s hard not to feel like you should nod and wave at the “little people” driving alongside you in those wee vehicles.

Maybe that’s why truckers used to be called “Kings of the Road,” since they were able to look down on the rest of us.

The only problem with my new-found royalty was there weren’t any parking places to be found in the shopping malls and stores I planned to visit. They were packed with holiday shoppers in their vans and SUVs, in no mood to make room for an oversized Supercrew Cab. Not matter how lovely or imposing-looking it was!

Feel Like a King of the Road: Drive the 2019 Ford F-150 4X2 Supercrew

I gave up my gift buying plans in favor of just buying groceries at my favorite Tom Thumb store. They had plenty of room in their spacious parking lot, so I could take up two spaces if needed… as long as I felt like walking a while. The good news is, I probably saved a lot of money because I was driving a large pickup truck that day. If I’d made it to some of my favorite boutiques, even with sale prices, I might have blown my Christmas gift budget too soon. So thank you, Ford, for helping me choose a better path on Black Friday!

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