Lavender is the Best Natural Repellent for Scorpions

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No one likes bugs crawling around their homes, especially scorpions. Their sting is very painful, not to mention the trauma created if you happen to be allergic to their stings…that can be deadly if not treated.

Lavender is the Best Natural Repellent for Scorpions

Photo: Wikipedia/Charles and Clint

My grandmother was allergic to several different insect bites or stings, but a scorpion would send her into a panic if she found one anywhere in the house.  She taught everyone that would listen about her main line of defense, which was a thin scattering of Lavender flowers in the window sills, along the baseboards, under the sinks and any other dark place she deemed necessary to sprinkle them.

Lavender is the Best Natural Repellent for Scorpions

Photo: Donna Warfield Smith

The flowers are harvested from plants growing in flower beds and in decorative pots. Use them fresh for décor and scent, but, as they wilt, they can then be dried and stored in baskets, bowls, and small cloth bags. Most of the cloth bags are wonderful to put into drawers, but the small trays, bowls, and baskets can be put into nooks and crannies and in places where a scorpion might enter the house or appear in a room. Even scattering the harvested flower heads and leaves in areas that will not be disturbed for a while is very effective. And, if you have serious problems controlling these nasty creatures be sure to put some lavender under your bed and between the mattress and box springs.

It actually works. According to various studies, particularly in the studies of Herbology, Lavender is a very successful, natural repellent for scorpions. Essential oil manufacturers offer Lavender oil and many mainstay cleaning companies offer lavender scented products. These can be used in lieu of the flowers.  Just make sure that real Lavender is included in the ingredients.

There are other lines of defense you can find, but for many people today, the natural effectiveness of Lavender flowers is much more desirable than using chemicals. And, remember, scorpions eat other insects, so, keep other bugs, out and scorpions will not likely hang around.