What Secrets Does Mashed Know About Dairy Queen That We Don’t?

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Tony Maples Photography


Many of you most likely experienced a treat every now and then on a trip to your local Dairy Queen. In Texas, it’s more like a local hot-spot for cool things to happen (aside from getting a Blizzard), which makes this story even juicier.

As it turns out, just like its fast-food counterparts, DQ has some little-known secrets up their sleeves that help make their dairy world go ’round. According to Mashed, a site described as “…the ultimate destination for food lovers,” we’ve come to find out that, according to Mashed, “…DQ is definitely hiding some secrets, and it’s entirely possible your family wouldn’t have taken you there if they knew some of the following facts …” It’s quite the lead-in to the interesting details they’ve drummed up on one of our favorite places to cool down from the hot Texas sun.

First, they let you in on a little secret about Dairy Queen’s ice cream product. Then they talk shop about a secret recipe. Following that, they discuss those two words we don’t believe to go hand-in-hand at all at the local DQ: moderation and pleasure. Next, they discuss some industry statistics that might make your gears grind. If you’re not really a fan of learning inside scoops about your favorite things (like which of your hero movie stars is abusive, or which of your favorite sports players has addictions) you may not be keen on this type of video. However, for those who want to be informed, Mashed does its best to make the most out of Dairy Queen’s secret details.