Meet Rett Smith: A Texas Musician Singing About a Better Day

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Meet Rett Smith, the musical talent who needs to be part of your life, quarantined and otherwise. This American singer/songwriter and musician conveys in his albums roads traveled, both in the outside world and deep within. His third album is due out soon, and it’s predictively timed for the uncertainty now known worldwide. recently interviewed Smith in anticipation of his new album Giving Up On Quitting, set for release May 22, and featuring the single “Better Day,” which sets the tone for the entire recording, as well as other poignant tracks like “Hardship Highways,” “Corner Kisses,” and “Rattlesnakes.”

Video: YouTube/Rett Smith

THC: How much influence did music have in your early life?

RS: Music had a profound impact on my early life. My best memories as a kid is driving with my Dad listening to everything from The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Doors all the way to Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon [Jennings].

THC: Was a musical path a career consideration when you were racing (alpine ski-style as a youth)?

RS: I’d say it was always a farfetched dream more than a consideration. I was always obsessed with songwriters and guitar players, but never thought I could do it. I didn’t even know a person who could play guitar. I had very little direct exposure to musicians, and so it always felt too far away to become a possibility.

THC: Walk through your creative process.

RS: For this record, I wrote almost all of the lyrics first. Starting with the question of what is the “most extreme version of truth” of the story I want to tell. I usually write the song in its in entirety within the first hour or two, and then I sit with it and edit with a guitar and find the melody from there on.

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