Get a Taste of the Top 3 Mexican Restaurants in Texas

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The power of the taco cannot be denied. The Texas Country Reporter took to its viewers to ask for their choices for the top Mexican restaurants in Texas. Here, they profile the top three choices, but do you agree?

The third choice sits in Houston, Texas on Navigation Blvd. Welcome Ninfa’s, the only original and home of the fajita. With a slogan on its website that reads, “The best Mexican food in Texas since Texas was in Mexico,” how can one really resist the smells that just circulate the block.

The second place winner in the viewer’s choice awards went to Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth. The casual vibe of the restaurant combined with a beautiful patio make any experience here a good time. The trick to ordering, however, is family style. More for everyone, especially yourself.

Without further ado, the first place winner is Mi Tierra in San Antonio. Raking in top marks due to not only its historic location in Market Square, the restaurant just does Mexican food right. What began as a small cafe has since expanded incredibly and rightly so – with food like that, how can anyone go wrong? Just looking at their food is a mouth-wateringly good experience.

Do you agree with these top three picks for the best Mexican restaurant in Texas? If not, let us know which of your favorites deserves to be on the list! Just don’t say Taco Bell. Although a nation-wide poll listed Taco Bell as the “best Mexican restaurant in America,” we’re having a hard time believing it. Not that there’s anything wrong with Taco Bell; we just happen to think your taste buds will have a more satisfying experience at one of the Mexican restaurants showcased in the video below. Right? Or are you a die-hard Taco Bell fan?