The Michelada Loca is a Texas Take on Hot & Spicy That You Need

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Warm fall weather in Texas often makes us take a trip to the bar for a cold beer. But why not jazz things up just a little bit with a refreshing and savory Michelada? An evening of taste-testing what this uniquely Texas drink has to offer might be just what the doctor ordered after a long week. Wife Life Kitchen has got the goods on how to make one at home.

Some of us here in the Lone Star State have been known to make a Michelada using beer, a shot of tequila, the juice of a lime, and a few dashes of our own favorite hot sauce. Still more have made this drink using the beer base, adding hot sauce, lime juice, and then a touch of Worcestershire sauce. Although there are a variety of recipes (quite a few of them linked to regional tastes), this recipe, by Wife Life Kitchen, will allow you to start off with a great base, then make perhaps two or three different versions with friends and perhaps have a taste-off! However you decide to make a homemade Michelada, and don’t be afraid to spice it up a little (or a lot!).

Michelada Loca

The Michelada Loca is a Texas Take on Hot & Spicy That You Need


Key ingredients for this drink include:

Tomato Juice

Chamoy Sauce

Orange Juice

Lime Juice

Hot Sauce

Mexican Beer



Whether you’re celebrating, or simply want to experience something deliciously amazing for a night in, try a Michelada with your friends and family. The full recipe and instructions are available at the wifelifekitchen.com. This popular Texas mixed drink has found a niche in the market with those that favor spicy-hot cocktails like Bloody Marys, but has its own unique taste that can’t be compared to much else! Served in a glass rimmed with salt, poured over ice, this appeals to both cocktail fans and beer drinkers alike!