Introducing Nelson Tumlinson: A Texas Hill Country Photorealistic Artist

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Nelson Tumlinson is a photorealistic pastel artist who was born in the Rio Grande Valley and raised in the Texas Hill Country. His goal as an artist is to share the beauty of what inspires him in this great state of Texas, and his work is drawing plenty of attention! “I work primarily in a photorealistic style because it appeals to me. I love the challenge of capturing every minute detail without losing the overall composition,” his bio explains.

In a recent interview with, Tumlinson was asked about the background to the art he produces; the reasons why he does it and the selection of this form of art. “I don’t know that I would have chosen this line of work if it were not for the talent God has given me, the amazing family He has blessed me with and amazing friends He has put in our paths. I have been asked numerous times why I wasn’t doing art full-time. My parents always encouraged me to become an artist. People just seemed to get more excited about my art than any other profession I’ve had. I think it’s what I’m meant to do,” he said.

Introducing Nelson Tumlinson: A Texas Hill Country Photorealistic Artist

Photo: Facebook/I am Nelson T

With respect to the subject matter which he pursues, he said, “Growing up in the Texas Hill Country has shaped my interests. I spent a lot of time in and around the Guadalupe River, particularly the north fork. We used to hike, fish, and camp quite a bit when I was younger, and it gave me a great appreciation for the great outdoors. I like to go out with my camera and capture amazing lighting and details to transfer onto my paper for others to enjoy.”

Tumlinson recently won first in his category at the Kerrville Arts and Cultural Center art show, and the feedback on his material has been nothing but positive. When asked what it was he hoped viewers of his work would experience in the process, he explained, “I hope they will experience happiness, wonder or fond memories of loved ones. I love Photorealism because it displays God’s handiwork. I capture a moment that I want to share with you using the talent He has given me. It all circles back to God getting the glory. Everything in nature is just so intricate and the way light plays on objects is so grand.” His art is featured on his professional Facebook page, as well as on Instagram, from which he often receives heartfelt feedback. “It’s nice when people react to your art. My latest piece ‘Grandpa’s Lures’ got that response from many of my followers on social media. It made them think of their dad or grandpa and the time they spent with them fishing. I like when something triggers a memory and brings back sights, sounds, and even smells.”

Introducing Nelson Tumlinson: A Texas Hill Country Photorealistic Artist

Photo: Facebook/I am Nelson T

Tumlinson has big plans for his work in photorealism, including the leap into full-time pursuit of his passion. “As of January 1, 2020, my family and I decided that I would pursue art full-time,” he explained. As such, you can expect to see his art at numerous upcoming exhibits, competitions, and local fairs. He’ll also be amplifying his presence on social media. Since entering some recent competitions, his painting entitled “Guardian” won not only first place in its category, but also the People’s Choice award! “Grandpa’s Lures” was also awarded third place at the Hill Country Arts Foundation member’s show. In his efforts to paint full-time, Tumlinson explains that he will be working daily to hone his skills and create even better compositions in the future. Watch for Nelson Tumlinson art exhibits and features throughout the Texas Hill Country and beyond, throughout 2020. For showing updates and composition features, visit or follow the artist’s official Facebook and Instagram.