Norma Strait Makes Rare Appearance in New George Strait Music Video

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Tony Maples Photography


Those of you who consider yourselves huge fans of Texas country superstar George Strait (and who doesn’t?) can probably also count themselves among the many who look to his marriage as a bit of a country fairy tale. George and Norma Strait have been married since 1971, and their flame never seems to flicker. But Norma’s visibility in the public eye has been considerably low-key. In comparison to some of today’s stars whose spouses have their own official Instagram accounts, Mrs. Strait is old school, and she seems to like it that way. That’s why it was a treat to see that she made a rare special appearance in George’s new video for his recent release entitled “Codigo.”

Mixed in between images of people enjoying themselves in a backdrop of beautiful Mexico (where Strait’s brand of tequila comes from), the “Codigo” video features Norma Strait in a few scenes. She is first seen seated at an outdoor bar, raising a drink with some friends, and then again toward the video’s end, dancing with none other than her husband, among additional happy couples in the setting sun.

Video: YouTube/George Strait

Shared on the official George Strait YouTube channel, the “Codigo” music video is the first one produced in a long time for the King of Country music. Despite fame of epic proportions, George has maintained a real private life together with his Norma. Just like any other marriage you can think of, their love has endured some bad weather. And unfortunately, fame hasn’t sheltered them from experiencing their share of tragedy. Still, they continue to honor their vows, love each other through it all, and live life to its fullest together. They split their time between two Texas homes, and in 2012, they became grandparents for the first time, with a second grandchild coming along in 2016. With close to five decades under their belts, the Straits seem to have the Midas touch in love and marriage, and it shows. In a 2012 interview with People, George stated, “Norma and I are so blessed that we found each other…and were able to do all of this together, experience this life together, support each other through everything, good times and bad. We do almost everything together…We love each other and we still like each other. A lot!”