Scenery, Outdoors, and Art: Ingram, Texas has it All

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Ingram, Texas lies an hour outside of San Antonio. Only six miles west of Kerrville, Ingram is often overshadowed by more famous neighbors, but don’t be fooled, this small Texas town holds its own. In fact, it’s a hidden gem of Hill Country fun and adventure!

Secluded Swimming and Fishing

Nestled on the banks of the Guadalupe River, Ingram offers a quiet space for swimming and fishing. Out of the way from some of the more storied swimming holes in the Texas Hill Country, the Ingram Dam provides a secluded getaway. The dam itself, is sloped and slick, and thus creates a natural water slide that’s a favorite for young and old in search of an adventurous way to make a splash.

Beyond the banks of the Guadalupe River are Lake New Ingram and Lake Old Ingram. Both lakes are great for bass fishing. Lake Old Ingram is a popular spot among area residents for kayak fishing.

Scenery, Outdoors, and Art: Ingram, Texas has it All

Photo: @JohnstockerPhotography via Twenty20

Ingram: Hunter’s Paradise

Since the town’s founding in 1879, the area has been known for its propensity of big game animals. With a plenitude of deer, settlers and ranchers never had to worry about having enough meat.

In the 1920s, as big-game hunting was turning into a fledgling industry, the area became a hot spot for outfitters and guides. Touting native populations of large whitetail deer, local ranchers and landowners began leasing land for hunts to out-of-towners. As the industry developed, ranchers imported exotics to add to their collections and bolster their salaries. One of the most popular exotics to hunt in the area back then and today are Axis deer.

The area also offers a year-round season on bobcats, coyotes, and feral hogs.

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