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Several Boats Sink at Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis

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A large boat parade in support of President Trump was held on Lake Travis, Saturday, September 5. Unfortunately, the day on the lake met with some distress calls and a few sinking boats. The event’s Facebook page showed a response from about 8,000 people intrigued by the chance to get out on the water and show support for the president, and videos from the day’s event show a large number of boats.

A few of those boats were forced to send out distress calls as they sank.

Video: Twitter/@t4tigerblue

Kut.org reports that the Travis County Sheriff’s Office said it received “multiple calls for boats in distress” from the Trump Boat Parade and that “a few have sunk.” This is a developing story, and we currently have no word of any injuries. Reports of boats in need of help apparently came from locations along the parade route including Paradise Cove, West Beach, Point Venture, and Hurst Creek.

Were you out at Lake Travis? Did you see the parade or witness any sinking boats? Let us know what you saw!