A Steamy Secret of the McConaughey Family: How Matthew’s Dad Died

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Although people don’t usually have a choice on the circumstances in which they leave the mortal realm, there are some ways to go that are considerably better than others. One example of those better ways is right in the middle of a good time, which is exactly how the father of Texas actor Matthew McConaughey passed away, according to Matthew’s mother.

In accordance with their usual morning goodbye routine, Jim McConaughey and his wife Mary Kathleen “KMac” were in the midst of lovemaking when a fatal heart attack hit. The incident is described in her book, “I Amaze Myself!”, published in 2008. Attending EMS and personnel got a surprise when they arrived at the house, as Kay insisted Jim be taken out of the house completely naked in order to well, ‘share his gift with the world.’

Jim and KMac McConaughey married each other three separate times, after divorcing one another two times. Their son Matthew was conceived soon after the third round of matrimony and was unexpected but most certainly welcomed! Previous children of the couple are Michael and Patrick. There is a 16 year difference between eldest son Michael and Matthew, the youngest.

A Steamy Secret of the McConaughey Family: How Matthew's Dad Died

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Recently celebrating his 50th birthday, the award-winning actor, whose first movie role was in “Dazed and Confused,” highlighted his teaching career at the University of Texas at Austin and his philanthropy work heading the Just Keep Livin Foundation. Meanwhile, his mother KMac does public appearances and still gets out on the town at the age of 88; in January, Matthew set her up on a date with the father of English actor Hugh Grant.

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