This Taco Tour of the Texas Hill Country is a Tasty Road Trip

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When you think of the Texas Hill Country, many a time a winding road out into the scenic hillside with perhaps some wildflowers, a wine tasting, and some epic Texas barbecue comes to mind. You would generally find these things along the well-traveled paths in and around Fredericksburg. However, there are lesser-known spots which, when explored, yield some high-quality treasure you might not expect. The taco game is strong in the Texas Hill Country. And since it’s within easy reach from urban centers such as San Antonio and Austin, the concept of taking a tour specifically to source the best tacos in the area is sheer brilliance! Hit the road on a Texas taco tour.

Start your trip out in Round Rock. Those of you tempted to try new things, but not entirely sure yet whether you’re ready to stray from a proven concept, will love the Torchy’s Tacos in this Texas town with big amenities. It’s a great place to kick off a foodie road trip, and you’ll be able to stock up on some highway essentials like napkins, beverages, and appetizers to tide you over until the next stop!

This Taco Tour of the Texas Hill Country is a Tasty Road Trip

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From here, you’ll want to drive into Austin to check out Veracruz All Natural. Authentic and made with fresh ingredients, you just can’t go wrong experiencing some of the best tacos this dining establishment puts out on the daily! Hearty and delicious, satisfying and mouthwatering at the same time, the tacos at Veracruz are nothing less than five stars. Popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner versions abound here, and you’re going to want to try a little bit of everything! It’s a must on any taco tour of the Hill Country.

Your next stop in the search for the best tacos in the Texas Hill Country will be in Buda, where Abby’s Mexican Food is a must-taste. Their servings are both filling and flavorful and have been real crowd-pleasers. Eating here is almost like eating at home; you get the best they can make, and as much as you’re able to eat!

And finally, stops at Big Daddy’s Tacos in San Marcos, and Taqueria El Sazon Tapatio in New Braunfels are absolutely necessary. In your search for the best tacos in the Texas Hill Country, these two come highly recommended. One Yelp reviewer in San Marcos spoke of the former: “If you’re ever anywhere in the vicinity of San Marcos and want a delicious, filling taco, you need to show up to Big Daddy’s Tacos.” Taqueria El Sazon Tapatio got a top-rated review that said: “This is authentic and delicious Mexican food; I had the menudo, taco barbacoa and taco carne guisada.”

This Taco Tour of the Texas Hill Country is a Tasty Road Trip

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Of course, there are other roads less traveled in the Texas Hill Country, where you’ll more than likely find a place that may possibly look like a hole in the wall but sells some of the best tacos there are to be had in the state! If you happen to come across such a gem, don’t keep it to yourself. Spread the good word on how utterly delicious and satisfying your meal was and others will soon follow. It’s not a matter of losing a hot spot to others but giving recognition where it’s well-deserved. And everyone knows the best tacos are made to share! A Texas taco tour is calling you.