Building a Texas Dream: Log Cabin Kits to Do-It-Yourself

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Whether you’re into the tiny house movement, or you simply feel that a small log home kit is the way you want to live, there are a number of companies on the market, coming from all states across America. It can sometimes be overwhelming for people to decide who to turn to after they’ve found their perfect construction site and received their permits to build.

If you feel that you’re quite capable of putting up a small home on your own with minimal direction, yet you like the added bonus of knowing there are some support mechanisms to turn to if needed, a log home kit may be exactly what you’re looking for. Both cost-effective and convenient, build-your-own log home kits are a wonderful way to construct a small dream home with the satisfaction of building it yourself. That being said, potential homeowners need to bear in mind that although the kits can take the material purchasing component out of the construction process, they don’t completely eliminate you from the design component – leaving you with some creative means.

Building a Texas Dream: Log Cabin Kits to Do-It-Yourself

Photo: Facebook/Coventry Log Homes

One example of such a company is Lancaster Log Cabins, which specializes in efficient yet rustic-looking recreational cabins. Some of their models include nice porches, interior lofts, high ceiling options, and natural lighting plans.

BZB Cabins & Outdoor​s also offers interesting options and services for those intrigued by the log cabin life.

Similarly, Coventry Log Homes (one such product featured in the photo above) features a small, rustic cabin which is affordable without sacrificing charm. They have various numbers of bedroom options, porch designs, high-ceiling plans, and full packages that nicely fit into a small loan budget (i.e. their “Discoverer” cabin which comes in at $34,400.)

And, finally, another wonderful choice is the Amish Cabin Company out of Kentucky. They’re selling kits which are handcrafted by their very namesake (who are always known for their attention to detail and superior craftsmanship), and kits can start at a low price of $21,510. So, for those of you wanting to live out your Texas log home dream, yet also wanting to be proud of constructing it yourself, on time and within a reasonable budget, review these or some of the other great log home kit companies online. All the best in your building dreams!