Remembering the Fight for Freedom: Texas Military Forces Museum

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In the ever changing city of Austin, there are several museums honoring the freedom and independence guaranteed by those who served in the armed forces. One of these, the Texas Military Forces Museum, curates outstanding information, displays, and memorials to those who fought for freedom and independence.

Banquet in the Great Hall of the Texas Miltary Forces MuseumPhoto: Flickr/ Texas Military Department

The museum honors the veterans and military forces from Texas that have played a valuable role in the fight for freedom and the dedication of protecting and upholding American values. For more information on the museum’s history, visit tmfm-history.org.

Arriving at the Texas Military Forces Museum

Armor Row outside the Texas Military Forces MuseumPhoto: Facebook/ Texas Military Forces Museum

Housed at Camp Mabry, which is an active military base that has been in existence since the 1890s, the museum is a beautiful and interactive memorial to those who served. On arrival, outside the main gallery complex, the museum maintains a collection of decommissioned artillery pieces, armored personnel carriers, combat tanks, and aircraft. Moving to the inside of the Texas Military Forces Museum, exhibits cover the founding of the Texas Militia in 1823 under Stephen F. Austin when Texas was first a colony, through almost every major military conflict, up to present day.

The Galleries of the Texas Military Forces Museum

The Great Hall of the Texas Military Forces MuseumPhoto: Facebook/ Texas Military Forces Museum

Starting at the main entrance of the museum, The Great Hall houses more armor pieces, including the legendary M4 Sherman, the workhorse tank the United States military deployed during World War II to provide protection to the infantryman that served in combat. From the Great Hall, there are several wings that house the 49th Armored Division Gallery, the Air Guard Gallery, WWII Pacific Theater Gallery, Texas Navy Exhibit, 19th Century Gallery, and the 36th Infantry Division Gallery. There are memoirs, uniforms, weapons, personal trinkets from troops that served, letters to loved ones, highly intricate dioramas portraying key battles and moments in Texas, United States, and World history, and interactive exhibits that provide a small glimpse into the lives of the soldiers that served. For more information on the galleries and exhibits, visit tmfm-galleries.org.

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