Excitement & Nostalgia as Texas Tourism Sets the Focus on the Coastline

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Tony Maples Photography


Within the past month, Texas Tourism has posted several videos to their YouTube channel specifically focusing on Rockport, Port Aransas, and Corpus Christi – all being on the Texas Gulf Coast, and all having been impacted deeply by Hurricane Harvey.

The drive to increase tourism to those areas that were hardest hit has also been taken on by some heavy-hitters, including George Strait himself, who recently announced his efforts in an advertising campaign focused on the Rockport-Fulton area specifically. The tourism section employs thousands of people in the coastal area, and without the recovery, Texas towns, and subsequently, Texas families will suffer. The videos that Texas Tourism has prepared and distributed are prefaced with the word “Texplorers” and focus on interesting things to do in each of these locales.

Port Aransas being the particular focus of this video, visitors can be seen doing all of the great things you could imagine a beach vacation in Texas to include (and more!). It’s the second of a two-part video clip for that amazing area. The other two “Texplorer” videos focusing on Rockport and Corpus Christi are both 25 seconds in length, similar to their predecessors, and equally as enjoyable. Sometimes, all it takes is a small taste of what’s to come, before people start making their way back to what they used to know and love. When’s the last time you took a beach vacation on Texas shores?