The Top 3 Chicken Fried Steaks in Texas: Have You Tasted Them All?

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When one thinks Southern comfort food, a few items come to mind. Macaroni and cheese, biscuits and gravy, and barbecue are always surefire choices. None, however, incite as much love and caloric fear than chicken fried steaks.

So where can you find the best chicken fried steaks in Texas? The Texas Country Reporter held a viewer’s poll and these three places made the cut. In third place, we have the Gristmill in Gruene, the riverfront beauty of a restaurant. The best part? Head over to Gruene Hall, pop on your dancing boots, and get to scuffling off those calories.

In Stephenville, Jake and Dorothy’s boasts one heck of a chicken fried steak with a recipe that’s been in rotation since the restaurant opened in 1948. The waffle fries that accompany the chicken fried steaks are a great little down-home touch.

So what ranks as the best chicken fried steak in Texas? Those served Mary’s Cafe in Strawn won by a landslide. It probably has something to do with the fact that the standard size is bigger than the plate they serve it on, which is always an excellent sign for food. After all, everything is bigger in Texas, even the chicken fried steaks.

Do you agree with these three choices as the best? Let us know your favorites after watching the video on the poll! Also, be sure to check out our story on a unique twist on chicken fried steak: queso gravy. That’s right, some folks are claiming this Texas favorite is even better when it’s served up with the cheesy goodness of queso gravy. Does that sound delicious to you, or just plain disgusting? We’ll leave it to you and your Texas taste buds to decide that. Read that story at this link.

Video: YouTube/Texas Country Reporter