Is the Yelp List of Top Tamales in Texas Complete?

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Yelp released the details on the Top Tamales In Texas and we’re making plans for a road trip. Featured on the Yelp Official Blog, the article defining the best places to get yourself some top tamales in the Lone Star State covered major city centers in North Texas, the Texas Hill Country, and South Texas… trying to ensure everyone was included. However, there just might be a few spots that were left out.

Is the Yelp List of Top Tamales in Texas Complete?

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“Among all the holiday traditional eats, there’s one in the Lone Star state that reigns supreme every holiday season: tamales. A staple Christmas tradition, this Mexican dish is something every Texan looks forward to come December. Wrapped up tightly in corn husks, like presents waiting to be enthusiastically ripped open on Christmas morn – tamales are filled with delicious culinary surprises,” Frances Grinsfelder wrote on the blog.

According to Yelp reviews and star ratings, she wasn’t far off with her list. In the Dallas and Fort Worth area, the top four locales for tamales were noted as Limon’s Restaurant, Delia’s McAllen, Tommy Tamale Market & Café, and El Palote Panaderia. For those who are hungry in Houston, Tamales Don Pepe, HOT Tamales, and Irma’s Southwest made the grade. In the Texas Hill Country, Yelp covered Austin and San Antonio. In the state capital, Tamale Addiction, Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine, and El Sunzal Restaurant were tops. In San Antonio, B & B Tamales and Food To Go, Tellez Tamales and Barbacoa, and Rio’s Barbacoa were featured.

Is the Yelp List of Top Tamales in Texas Complete?

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Generally, taking the star ratings and number of reviews that each eatery has received into account is how Yelp garners its statistics. Subsequently, locals from Texas are actually providing the details with respect to their top tamales and where best to get them. The compilation of this list, however, doesn’t range as extensively as one might hope. Entire parts of North and West Texas (such as Amarillo, Lubbock, and El Paso) were left off the list. As well, Beaumont, Galveston, Corpus Christi, and Laredo, and points in between, are also known for some fantastic hot spots with respect to tamales but failed to be listed. However, it’s of no major fault on the part of Yelp. Texans perhaps are keeping their best picks close to the vest when it comes to their favorite foods. After all, once you tip off the rest of the neighborhood, these great places are no longer just your little secret. But then, great food is meant to be shared!