Left Behind: Tour the Creepiest Abandoned Places in Texas

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As gloomy and solemn as abandoned places can be, we tend to be drawn toward them, for whatever reason, like moths to a flame. We grow sad at the thought of these places at one time being full of thriving life and now standing solitary and ruined. However, we’re also fascinated by the possibility something ominous may have been left behind in the occupant’s haste to leave. There’s an opportunity that lies in that dark fantasy, a call to adventure and exploration. The Lone Star State has a variety of abandoned sites, many of which permit tours, for those who are willing to take the time. Here are four of the creepiest abandoned places in Texas where you can see what’s been left behind, drawing your own conclusions from these modern-day relics.

1. Zedler’s Mill, Luling

Left Behind: Tour the Creepiest Abandoned Places in Texas

Photo: Facebook/Bill Jones

There’s no telling what might have become of Luling were it not for the population growth and large revenues that were brought in by Zedler’s Mill. It had a long-term impact on the town’s development and remains standing as a sort of testament to Texas resilience. Although the mill is no longer operating, visitors can clearly see the profound effect it had in the area when they tour.

2. Stewart Mansion, Galveston

Left Behind: Tour the Creepiest Abandoned Places in Texas

Photo: Flickr/Debi Beauregard

One has to question what on Earth happens to make a family leave behind an entire mansion. Yet in Galveston, the Stewart Mansion is abandoned and lifeless. With no furniture and only murals of swashbuckling pirates adorning the entire house, it really makes you wonder. Word has it that an Indian burial ground remains nearby. Although this may not have any bearing on why the home stands empty, it adds an extra level of eeriness for those brave enough to tour.

3. The Rig Theatre, Premont

Left Behind: Tour the Creepiest Abandoned Places in Texas

Photo: Facebook/Antonio Manfredonio

When you think of a movie theatre, you generally picture crowds, laughter, and excitement, not empty concessions, black and silent screens, and empty chairs, falling into disrepair over time. However, that’s what you now see at the Rig Theatre in Premont, despite its lively past. Tour-goers will have the opportunity to see what’s left of a timeless Texas pastime in a building that has lost its crowds and now stands silent and almost spooky.

4. Mosheim School, Bosque

Left Behind: Tour the Creepiest Abandoned Places in Texas

Photo: Facebook/I Love Texas

The thought that at one time, children’s laughter once filled the walls of this abandoned school is such a sad and somber one. The promise of their future has given way to distant memories. Although it’s quite possible someone can explain what has happened in the case of the Mosheim School, that has yet to be divulged. Still, a tour of its empty passageways tends to leave its own eerie impression on each visitor.