Take a Virtual Tour of the Bluebonnets in Beautiful Marble Falls

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Spring is such a wonderful time in the Texas Hill Country! Sunshine, nice breezes, wildflowers, and even rain are enhancements to the beauty which surrounds us all year long. Although Spring 2020 is not our year for getting out and enjoying state parks and communal areas, the internet has certainly stepped up to provide ways we can enjoy this time of year, all from the comfort of home. Take a virtual tour!

Video: YouTube/Visit Marble Falls TX

On the Lake Marble Falls Virtual Tour, enjoy both open water and a water canal aligned with gorgeous trees. Birds chirp and water trickling off the paddle make this first-person viewpoint seem like it’s really happening in real-time! This video is a little over 14 minutes. Treat yourself to a nice glass of water afterward!

The bluebonnet field of Marble Falls is a four-minute video packed with sunshine, our state flower, and surprise guests. This calming clip is just like being outside! Send this one over to your birdwatching friends and see how many different species can be identified.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Bluebonnets in Beautiful Marble Falls

Photo: Marble Falls

Take these mental vacations to Marble Falls through two beautiful virtual tours of a paddle board excursion on Lake Marble Falls at sunset, and a delightful field of bluebonnets, complete with buzzing insects. Instead of venturing out, take a break and appreciate the elements of technology which can bring the outdoors inside. Plus, no worries about bee stings, snake bites, or sunburns!

Photo: YouTube/Visit Marble Falls TX

Interested in learning more about the town of Marble Falls and its surrounding areas? Check out articles here about The History of Marble Falls, Dead Man’s Hole, local athlete Isaiah Vidal, and a great delve into true Texas history with this five-part series about ‘The Bluebonnet House.’ Happy viewing and reading about this town which is an integral part of the wondrous and mysterious hills of the Lone Star State!