10 Special Ways to Spoil Your Texas Grandchildren

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Texans are known for doing everything in a large fashion and that includes bragging about grandchildren. We look upon these little bundles of wonder as superior to dinner parties, computer games, poker, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku—all rolled into one. Texas grandparents will regale you with the latest small fry antics—whether you want to hear about them or not. Grandparents are universal in the ways they indulge their favorite little people, but here are a few ways we do it in down here in Texas.

1. Cuddle.

The big grands cuddle and coo and make faces at their little grand. It doesn’t matter how silly the older generation looks. When the child smiles, the grands carry on as if they’d won the Texas lottery.

10 Special Ways to Spoil Your Texas Grandchildren

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2. Time

The grands give time to the newer generation. They attend school functions, soccer games, recitals—any activity. If the little grand is there, most often, the big grand is there, too. If the grandparents can’t go in person, they’ve learned a new-for-them feature: Facetime.

3. Tea Parties

When the special little one visits, you may find a big ole, Texas grandpa on his knees with a tiny doll cup in his large hands. He might prefer a frosty beer, but you’d never know it as he drinks pretend tea.

 4. Forts

If the grand tires of tea, how about a fort? Building one is a collaboration between young and old. Do the little grands want it outside or inside? Big grands hope for indoors where there is climate control, but not to worry. It’s what the little grand wants that matters.

10 Special Ways to Spoil Your Texas Grandchildren

5. Repeat and Repeat

The grands play the identical game over and over. They don’t count how many times they play peek-a-boo. Seeing the delight and giggles from the little grand are worth more than big money.

6. Cookies

Grands make sure the snacks are ready. Cookies, candy, cake.  Who cares about sugar overload?  Not the grands. They can spoil the kid and send him or her home.

7. Sleepover

Grands invite the little ones over for the night. They’ll allow the kiddos to sleep with them in the same bed, a thing they’d never let their direct offspring do as they were growing up.

10 Special Ways to Spoil Your Texas Grandchildren

Photo: Pixabay

8. Attention

Grands never say, “I’m too busy.” They always give undivided attention to the grands. Big grand makes eye contact with the little grand and can listen for hours.

9. Play Date

The big grands make sure the little grands have regular play time, and they keep the date circled on the calendar. Littles feel special when they see their play date with Gram and Gramps noted on the calendar.

10. Money

Grands love to spoil the little grands with money for their pockets. Even after the grandchildren go away to college, it’s common for the older grands to send a card and include money, or perhaps a gift card to a restaurant. Grandparents forever love their grandchildren.

From the moment the grandchild is born, love blooms in hearts, and in a mere instant, Grandma and Grandpa decide this special child is perfect and can do no wrong.  So, the spoiling begins and the pampering continues throughout a lifetime. It’s true in Texas, and it’s true all over the world.