YETI Stories Focus on Real People Doing Everyday Things With Extraordinary Outcomes

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YETI, makers of those fantastic coolers many of us are fond of, have chosen to establish a “stories” series of videos which are filled with the details of those that use their products on an everyday basis. It’s not only ingenious, but it also allows for the release of product details by the company itself. But, one of the cooler (get it? Cooler?) components of this series is that those of us who use YETI for a weekend fishing trip, or camping, or just a once-in-a-while thing, can get a glimpse into the lives and stories that have changed or been affected by the simplest of things – a product that “…you’d use every day if it existed.”

One of the shining examples of their series of stories available at the link provided here is called “Moose” and it follows the story of Brandon “Moose” Johnson and Aaron Barnette from Nederland, Texas, and their efforts to save people from rising flood waters during Hurricane Harvey. Moose has a lifted “Monster Truck” – an ’86 Chevy square body – in which the two were safely able to escort folks from their town to higher ground when many other vehicles were getting swamped out.

Interviews with Nederland area residents as well as a member of the Port Arthur fire department have all attested to Moose and Aaron’s efforts to save people with that lifted truck, and more than one individual said, “It was a God-send.” Moving anywhere between 100 and 120 people that night, they both recognize the type of quality it takes to simply do for others. “It’s in your heart. You gotta go out there and really care…” and they did. Moose said it best when he noted, “A truck can be fixed. You can’t replace the person.” See this story as well as those of many others who work hard, play hard, and care about their communities in the process on the YETI stores web link available here.