Cinnamon Candy Apple is a Holiday-Worthy Toasting Drink

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On the lengthy list of holiday cocktails or Christmas drinks you may imbibe this year, the Cinnamon Candy Apple is one drink you’re going to want to add. We know you probably like pumpkin spice smells, and hot chocolate mixes, and you may even go for a winter-type of sangria. But whether you’re a fan of mulled wine, or a simple sipper of Codigo on the rocks, we have a feeling you’ll take a fancy to this holiday beverage.

The recipe for the Cinnamon Candy Apple drink was shared by Webstaurantstore.com. It’s so simple, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t heard of it before. And, really, it doesn’t take much to make this tasty treat you’ll be toasting to the holidays with, in no time flat. The only ingredient you may not have on hand that you could possibly have to search for is red food coloring (because you couldn’t have something referencing a candy apple and not have it be red in color!). The other two ingredients are easily sourced at your local liquor store, and once you have them, your friends, family, or household holiday guests won’t be able to stop requesting this savory little sipper!

Cinnamon Candy Apple

Cinnamon Candy Apple is a Holiday-Worthy Toasting Drink


Key ingredients for this drink include:

Sour Apple Schnapps

Cinnamon Whiskey or Tequila

Red Food Coloring


The measurements and process for mixing up a Cinnamon Candy Apple drink are available from Webstaurantstore.com at the link provided here. The possibility that you’ll continue mixing one after another of these delicious cocktails is quite high, so make sure you have a number of friends to sample them with you! At the very least, ensure you have a safe ride home if you enjoy one or more of these little numbers in someone else’s residence. Pairing them with caramel-flavored baked goods or cookies might not be so bad either! The sensation of drinking this cocktail from your glass together with the perfect match of a caramel taste would be just like visiting the State Fair of Texas and getting one of your favorite treats. Cheers to the holiday season, and to making time with friends and family over a Cinnamon Candy Apple cocktail.