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Inside an Award-Winning Wine Restaurant in the Heart of the Hill Country

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Meet Fernando, the sous chef (pictured above).  Long before you arrive, he is preparing the ingredients for the evening.  A fine dining experience in a wine restaurant is a team effort.  This isn’t just any restaurant, this is Fredericksburg’s Cabernet Grill, recently listed in the Top 100 Wine Restaurants in America by Wine Spectator Magazine.

1. Reservations

Reservations at Cabernet Grill

Photo: Robert C. Deming

Megan, a Dallas native, handles reservations for both the restaurant and the adjacent Cotton Gin Cabins.  During dining hours she may also serve as the concierge.  Your fine dining experience starts with Megan’s wonderful customer service.

2. Wine Director

Sommelier at Cabernet Grill

Photo: Robert C. Deming

Elizabeth began her career in food service bussing tables at age 15.  One day they were short-handed, and she became a waitress.  The Fredericksburg High School graduate never looked back.  With the backing of the owner of the restaurant, Elizabeth is now certified as a Level 1 Sommelier and a Texas Wine Specialist, not to mention the fact that she’s also the general manager.  She selects wines to be served through visits with wine-makers and visits to wineries.  Her personal favorites are big, bold reds, and she loves the reaction of her guests to the wine and food pairings.

3. Bartender

Bartender at Cabernet GRill
Photo: Robert C. Deming

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