A Wine Spritzer Makes for a Mellow Afternoon by the Pool

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If day-drinking has ever crossed your mind (and let’s be honest here, most of us have at least thought about it once or twice), then a wine spritzer is the kind of drink you’ll want to roll with. Here in Texas, the heat tends to rise around mid-spring and the mercury hits its high notes in the midst of summer. The idea of sitting on your back patio with a drink in your hand in the middle of a sunny afternoon isn’t much of a stretch. In fact, it’s a goal!

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant shared a video to its YouTube channel that outlines quick and easy ways to make a tasty wine spritzer that will leave you wanting more. Working with a variation on the ratio of fruit wines and club soda, the video below entitled, “Mixology 101 – Wine Spritzers” will walk you through everything you need to know.

Video: YouTube/Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Texas wine is something we pride ourselves on, like many things we do, grow, and make here in the Lone Star State. The Hill Country and the High Plains, in particular, are renowned for each of their region’s ability to produce wine grapes specific to the terroir with which they work. Buyers from throughout the state, as well as beyond, have long found Texas wineries a source of award-winning vintages, and they’ve since expanded into varietals that work well with sangrias and spritzers, if you’re not into simply sipping them on their own.

In the video above, the selection for each wine spritzer recipe are mentioned in the process. The flavors they work with are listed as Sweet Red Spritz, Rhubarb Spritz, Moscato Spritz, Raspberry Spritz, and Blueberry Spritz. In a total of four minutes and forty-five seconds, you can learn how to make these simple yet delicious drinks for a mellow afternoon beside the pool! With a wine spritzer in hand, there’s no telling how relaxing the rest of your day will go. We could all use a little rest and relaxation any day of the week!